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The 6am-ers are  a group of cyclists based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne who love riding – mostly in the hills.  Our mainstay Sunday rides are nearly always in the Dandenongs or in the northern hills toward Kinglake.

Our values are around teamwork and friendship and we treasure the fun of cycling and the good times we have together.  Other things that are very important to us are our love of climbing (don’t bother coming out with the 6am-ers if you don’t like climbing) and the commitment we expect from each member of the group.

Many of our members race road and mountain bikes and we often race as a team or in groups supporting each other throughout the year (eg:  Melbourne to Warnambool, Baw Baw Classic, Tour of Bright).

Anyone is welcome to join us on any of the rides listed below.  We have a very strong rule of etiquette to regroup at the top of each climb, however a fairly high level of fitness is required to ride with us confidently.  As a measure of the fitness required, we suggest you should be able to ride a 1:20 in at least 19 minutes in order to maintain a position at the rear of our group (and not hold the bunch up).  

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact us.


Weekly Ride Program


The group leaves from the north-east corner of Warrigal Rd and Burwood Hwy. The ride nearly always involves
hills with destinations around the Dandenongs, Wandin, Gembrook, or Kinglake. Distance ranges from 100-120 k’s with a vertical altitude gain of 1500-2500 meters. We arrive back around 10:30am – 11:00am.  We ride as a group on the flat and undulating.  Our etiquette demands that the first rider to the top of each climb loops back to the last rider on the climb and the whole group re-groups at the top.


Please contact the 6amers leadership group before joining this ride as there are some important safety points we need to communicate to all participants.

We start at 5.45 am from the north-east corner of Warrigal Rd and Burwood Hwy.  This ride is a bunch ride to Nepean Highway where we turn left to Mordy and roll turns right through to St. Kilda where we arrive at our coffee destination in Albert Park at about 7:20am.  Our turns start at a moderate pace and increase in speed through to St. Kilda.  The pace is hard and is peppered by a couple of sprints on the way.

(Pick-up points for this ride -  the first from the corner of North and East Boundary Roads around 6.05 and the second at 6.15 am from the corner of Rowans Road (opp Highett Rd) and Nepean Hwy).


Thursday – is Yarra Boulevard repeats meeting at 6.30am (6:15 in Summer) corner Yarra Boulevard and Walmer Street, Kew. The ride is usually two repeats of the Yarra Boulevard although sometimes, if feeling courageous we will throw in the Yarra Street climb. Morning coffee is in Richmond around 7:30am before heading to work.


Friday – start time is 5:45am at the corner of Burwood Hwy and Warrigal Road. Follows a similar route to our Tuesday Hurtbox, with the same pickup points to Nepean Hwy before cutting through to Black Rock then heading along Beach Road. This ride is a our most relaxed, ridden at a comfortable pace to enjoy a chat & recover before the weekend. Coffee is once again in Albert Park around 7:30am before heading to work.


Saturday – at 6:30am the group leaves from the north-east corner of Warrigal Rd and Burwood Hwy.  This is an easier ride than Sunday & always heads to the Dandenong’s, up to the 1:20 then Perrins Creek and The Cresent before coffee.  Return is around 10.00am.


Ride with your mates as a group, 6am-ers group rides are not a race or an individual training session

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