6am-ers Ethos:

The 6am-ers philosophy is about creating an environment that brings cycle enthusiasts together that have a love of hills, team work, encouragement and commitment to the group.

All individual riders will be responsible for their own safety, insurance etc.

We train as a group and always race as 6am-ers.

6am-ers Spirit:

Ride with your mates as a group, 6am-ers group rides are not a race or an individual training session.

We climb. If there’s a hill we will climb it.
We avoid the flat and generally head to the hills of the north or east on our Sunday rides.

Sunday is the big one.

If the group splits on a climb the first rider up returns to get the last rider.
Others are encouraged to do the same to enhance the team camaraderie.

We regroup at the top of all climbs. No ifs, buts or maybes.

If the pack splits on a descent (or otherwise), the lead riders are expected to allow others to catch up & re-group.
By easing the pace or stopping at a relevant time.

Share the road, a compact bunch gains more respect and provides safety in numbers.

Respect your team-mates and acknowledge their respective abilities.
Support those who may be off the pace from time-to-time but give them hell to get them up to 6am-ers standard.
It’s still possible to train hard, stay together and support the slower riders.

Enjoy the coffee break which is an integral part of any 6am-ers ride.
(maybe except when we’re training for the Warny!)

All riders should feel free to remind each other of the above rules without prejudice.

Finally, have a good chat and a laugh with your mates while we share the same passion of riding, climbing, the bush and our bikes.


Membership Guidelines:

  • Ride and train regularly with the 6am-ers 

  • Foster an atmosphere of fun, enjoyment, encouragement and friendly rivalry 

  • Purchase at the first opportunity, and train and race in the 6am-ers kit (where sponsorship & club commitments allow) 

  • Support and promote our sponsors

  • Show respect for the faster and stronger riders, and support and help out the slower riders.

  • Abide by the road laws and ride safely

  • Accept and support the decisions of the Leadership Group  

  • Take out a Cycling Australia race licence (at least for insurance purposes).


Fast on the Flat. Fit in the Ferns

Fast on the Flat. Fit in the Ferns